Hair Services

Our goal is not just to create beautiful hairstyles but also to promote healthy and nourished hair.


At Yahi Dominican Beauty Salon, we provide a full range of hair salon services, including haircuts, hair color, and hair extensions. Our hair extension services will provide you with longer, fuller hair that is reliable, discreet, and beautiful. When you want hair that is thick, long, and gorgeous, Yahi Dominican Beauty Salon provides the options and assistance you need. Please don't settle for the second best; treat yourself to the best service and the most affordable rates with our professional hair services. To take advantage of our hair extensions and other services, contact Yahi Dominican Beauty Salon today.


Yahi Dominican Beauty Salon also specializes in the balayage technique to get precisely the sun-kissed, natural-looking hair you envisioned. With our extensive experience as hairstylists for 20 years, we ensure that your haircuts match your face shape and hair color that give your hair a vibrant appearance. We can create a look that brings out all of your best features so that when you leave our salon, you will feel more confident and beautiful than ever. To begin your transformation, please visit Yahi Dominican Beauty Salon or contact us today to book your appointment!


Looking to add some dimension and shine to your hair? Look no further than hair highlights! These versatile and customizable coloring techniques are perfect for adding depth and dimension to any hairstyle. Whether you want a subtle sun-kissed look or bold and vibrant streaks, our expert stylists can help you achieve the perfect highlight for your desired look. With professional techniques and high-quality products, we guarantee stunning results that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful.


Are you looking for a stylish and effortless hairstyle that will turn heads? Look no further than braids! Braids have been a popular choice for centuries and it's not hard to see why. They offer endless versatility, from classic to trendy, and can be worn by anyone with any hair type. Whether you want a casual look for everyday wear or an elegant updo for a special occasion, braids have got you covered. Plus, they're low maintenance and protect your hair from damage. Embrace the beauty and convenience of braids today!